Bringing people together through virtual events.

We're changing the face of event management as we know it. CactusXPO is a fully responsive, affordable and customizable platform which can be used to organize and host your own show or conference at any scale. Follow your dream, let the platform do the rest!


Using the virtual conference platform, you can deliver rich, immersive conferences remotely to a wide range of locations.

02.Trade Fair

Exhibitors who use CactusXPO’s virtual and hybrid event spaces can dramatically increase lead generation results.

03.Medical Events

The platform helps create smooth global meetings with hybrid meeting and virtual meeting features.

04.Education Events

Providing universities with a virtual way of connecting with students globally.

05.Award Shows

Host outstanding award events by using CactusXPO’s virtual event platform.

06.Job Fair

Hybrid virtual events that provide job match opportunities between job seekers and employers.

07.Employee Engagement

With our interactive virtual engagement platform, your employees will be empowered to achieve their goals.

08.Kids Events

Idiot proof and flexible, the platform is a suitable medium for thousands of children to engage widely.

09.Flea market

Leverage the power of hybrid platform to conduct flea market virtually with immersive and engaging stall experiences.

10.B2C exhibition

Whether you’re in the business of fashion, jewelry or more, conduct exhibitions online with the power to link your e-commerce with our platform.

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