IFA Galaxy- Virtual Knowledge Summit 2021

IFA GALAXY is a group of Chennai-based Independent Financial Advisors. This initiative began seven years ago in Chennai and has since spread across the country, with more than 10,500 IFAs participating in an online email group. “Knowledge Sharing” is the goal and motto of IFA Galaxy. IFA Galaxy has been holding frequent Knowledge Summits in different towns in Chennai and other areas of South India, with prominent speakers speaking on a variety of topics to help IFAs improve their knowledge.

IFA Galaxy held a virtual knowledge summit in 2021 with a spectacular lineup of speakers who would wow the audience.The year’s theme of CONVICTION - COLLABORATION - CONSOLIDATION is to have Conviction to Collaborate and Consolidate to expand their business and improve their knowledge.


  • - 360 degree rotatable Lobby
  • - Auditorium, where the user is directly connected to the live event via Zoom
  • - Exhibition where all the sponsors had virtual booth showcasing their company and its products
  • - Networking, where all the users could chat, voice call or even video call with other members present at the event
  • - Game Zone, where all the users can play games like Sudoku, 2048 and Tower Blocks
  • - Finally it has a Photo booth where the users could take their selfies or make boomerangs along with selecting different frames, filters etc.


  • - 3000+ Unique Visitors on the platform
  • - 20+ Exhibition booths for all National & Multinational Banks
  • - 3000+ visitors to the Exhibition
  • - 2500+ visitors to the Zoom Platform
  • - 500+ Selfies taken.

Our virtual event platform offers the most distinct features that are unique in the market. One such feature is a recording of all sessions available for four days following the event's conclusion. We also provide the fastest deployment solution with hands-on technical support along with last minute and real time changes. Our platform additionally guarantees 0 downtime giving you an uninterrupted experience.

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